As a premier art gallery in Dearborn, BLACK BOX GALLERY promotes and showcases the work of hundreds of artists.  Our work involves showcasing new and emerging artists alongside well-established artists.  By providing a space in which to display their latest works, our artists appreciate our role in sharing their creative aspirations with a wider audience as much as we appreciate the opportunity to earn their trust for doing so.

Together, we create artistic, meaningful, highly appreciated exhibitions our audience can personally connect with.   We strive to attract broad audiences and forge deep and lateral human emotional networks.

Success for us means that BLACK BOX GALLERY is sustainable and recognized for offering highly valued product and adhering to ethical management practices that respect both art and artist.

Come check us out for yourself.


The vision of the BLACK BOX GALLERY is to establish a Dearborn based, multi-faceted art gallery (with a coffee shop!) that will serve artists and the surrounding community of Detroit and South East Michigan.

It will be our mission to inspire, educate, foster artistic collaboration, and catalyze thought leadership between our artists, staff, and patrons.


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